2.8 Historic Environment and Archaeology

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Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Pre-Submission Publication

Representation ID: 99220

Received: 14/12/2022

Respondent: Historic England

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Representation Summary:

Para 2.8/2.9 and site assessments for allocations
Historic Environment and Archaeology assessment
We have reviewed the site assessments methodology and the site assessments themselves.
Whilst these are a helpful starting point, they do not constitute Heritage Impact Assessments. As advised in previous consultations, we continue to request that Heritage Impact Assessments are prepared to inform a number of the more sensitive the allocations.
Our advice note 13 Mineral Extraction and Archaeology (https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/mineral-extraction-and-archaeology-advice-note-13/heag278-mineral-extraction-and-archaeology/) sets out the requirement for heritage impact assessments to inform site allocations in Minerals Plans.
It states, ‘Where potential allocations are identified as being likely to impact on heritage assets, undertake an appropriate Heritage Impact Assessment to evaluate the extent to which the significance of any assets may be harmed and to identify measures to remove or reduce that harm. Historic England Advice Note 3: The Historic Environment and Site Allocations in Local Plans sets out advice on site allocations in Local Plans’.
The 5-step methodology for HIA is set out on page 5 of our advice note HEAN 3 Site Allocations in Local Plans (https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/historic-environment-and-site-allocations-in-local-plans/).

Change suggested by respondent:

Prepare Heritage Impact Assessments for the sites indicated (MIN 96 Spixworth and MIN 25 Haddiscoe) prior to EiP to inform site allocation and revised policy wording.