Appendix 2 – Existing Mineral Site Specific Allocations and Areas of Search Policies

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Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Pre-Submission Publication

Representation ID: 99127

Received: 11/11/2022

Respondent: Broads Authority

Representation Summary:

We have some queries and questions. These are not saying the Plan is unsound by asking these queries, but we would welcome thoughts on these and they may result in improvements to the Plan.
Appendix 2 – I am not sure what these are. Are you saying that these policies in another document will still be in place? They have not been reviewed, but left as is? So this Local Plan is additional to these policies? Where are these saved policies? This is not clear and might need explaining better. For example, I searched the document for ‘Appendix 2’ and the only two occurrences are the title of Appendix 2 and the contents page.